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About Us

This world wide movement was founded by Bill Adams and co-founder Keenan Hopkins, caring Australians, determined to make a difference. Communities often tend to wait on government of all levels to fund or drive their needs.The fact is, we have waited long enough, time is precious.

Making A Diff has an open ended charter, no boundaries to inhibit progress, and regular updates will be featured on our website. We are already road testing some opportunities with a world wide fit, and as these are proved they will be added to our action bank. But we are ready to go with our very first promotion, and everyone in our wonderful wide world can enjoy and participate. It has been laying idle for all too long, only partly used, and by fully utilising this unlimited resource,  Making A Diff will have made a difference. Let us explain!

It is widely known that laughter is the best medicine, and it`s free. It is a wonderful tonic, does not need a prescription and has enormous health and well being benefits. Like most things, laughter needs to be driven, and that is what our very first project is designed to do, make you laugh! So we have put together a booklet filled with jokes that are clean, very funny, and guaranteed to really make you laugh.

Our wish is to get this publication  to the public at an affordable price, ($2.99 an issue). It will be available through participating  newsagents and book shops. After reading, please pass it on to neighbours, friends, rellies, the more laughs it evokes the happier we will be.

Within the booklet we have included some of the health benefits that a good laugh invokes, it is simply amazing and refreshing to know this.  Reality is too many of us have had this medicine in the cupboard since birth and have been unaware of its potency and huge value. Making A Diff hopes to open your cupboard and encourage you to take large and regular doses of this wonderful brew. So until your next visit,  laugh and be happy.

Making a Difference is committed to making the world a better place by assisting charities by offering them our book selling opportunity. If you are a registered not-for-profit or charity organisation looking for help in raising funds, we welcome you to contact us by email.